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It is the seventh sign in the zodiac circle. Libra represents the transition of the Sun through the zodiac sky between September 23 and October 22 every year, according to the tropical astrology.

The balance or the scale is the symbol for the zodiac Libra and is the only inanimate symbol among all the zodiac symbols. It stands for justice and truth. Just like the scales, the Libras stand for equilibrium and balance in life and are known for successful relationships.

Librans are considered to be among the most civilized of the twelve signs. Often good looking, they exhale charm, and elegance in their moves. They love everything that is beautiful in nature and in art. They have a craving for pleasure. Natives are very intuitive as well. Libras are modest, and loyal in nature. They are highly extrovert and jovial. Libras are found to excel both in academics and athletics.

The Ruling Planet- Venus

It shares its ruler Venus, with another zodiac sign Taurus as well. Venus stands for commitment and balance in relationships. Natives value harmony and peace in themselves and in relationships thanks to Venus. Fairness and honesty are their keywords. Venus also makes the natives good mediators. They make good partners and friends thanks to the influence brought about by their ruler, Venus.

Venus rules over how we relate ourselves to others and also our romantic commitments. Venus pushes Libra folks towards seeking sensual pleasures and money-making ventures. Libras also have a great taste towards food, clothing all brought about by the impact of Venus.

Venus, the ruler of Libra is exalted in the zodiac house of Pisces, meaning that this is when its qualities are greatly enhanced. It is weakened in Virgo and is detrimental in the zodiac signs of Aries and Scorpio, when most challenges are unearthed.

Ruling Planet       :Venus Venus
Ruling House       :7'th House
Element       : Earth Earth

Birth Stone       : Opal
About Opal       Opal
Buy Gemstone       : Opal

The Season (September 23 – October 22)

The Libra season is a great time to fix or mend relationships for all the zodiac signs. All natives would be inclined to seek up a role model for their lives this season. Relationships would re-explored and delved into deeply. This would be a great time to connect more with our family and friends. Honesty, truth and justice get greatly enhanced this period. We would also feel more balanced in life and there would be harmony and peace around this time of the year.


Who puts you off with promise gay, and keeps you waiting for half the day?

Who compromises all the way?      It is the Libra!!!

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The Constellation

The constellation of this sign lies in the southern sky between the constellations of Socrpio and Virgo. It is at about 15 hours and 30 minutes right ascension and 15 degrees south declination. The brightest star in this constellation is Zubeneschamali, meaning the “northern claw” due its proximity to Scorpio constellation.

This sign is a constellation of the zodiac visible generally from May through August in the Northern Hemisphere, and April through September in the Southern Hemisphere. The name Libra comes from the Latin word meaning “balance” or “scales” which is what the constellation traditionally represents. It was one of the 48 constellations recognized by the astronomer Ptolemy.

Some of Libra’s stars include Zubenelgenubi (alpha Librae), Zubeneschamali (beta Librae) and Zubenelakrab (gamma Librae).

Meteor showers

There are no major meteor showers of note radiating from its constellation, but there are some minor showers. The Delta Librids is one such shower that has a peak activity on the 14th of August every year. Then there is the May Librids that occur between the 1st and the 9th of May peaking on the 6th. A maximum of 2 to 6 meteors can be seen per hour in this shower.

The Scales

The symbol of this zodiac sign is the scales or balance. This represents harmony, balance and symmetry in everything they do. In mythology this refers to the scales of justice used by the Greek Goddess of Justice by name Themis. The natives are good judges of character and hence the scales as the symbol.

The scales symbolize morality and natives are usually found to lead a life of a role model of goodness and elegance without straying from truth and morality. They are asked to take a neutral stand.

The Glyph

The glyph of Libra consists of two horizontal lines that are parallel. The bottom line indicates the physical plane and the top one represents the metaphysical and justice. The top horizontal line loops in the middle giving a balanced approach to the glyph, which also implies that the Libras have an emotional side too.


The Age of this sign extended approximately between 17,000 – 15,000 BCE. It marked the peak of human consciousness. It was the first of two ages of the Staya Yuga as per the ancient Vedics of India. For the Greeks it was the Golden Age and the Egyptians mentioned it as the “First Time”.

During the Age of the Libra, as consciousness in all beings was at the absolute height, everyone lived in relative peace and harmony. Animals were not afraid of humans and humans did not hunt them down then. It is said that people lived for a long time and were devoid of major illnesses. There was no need for politics, hierarchy and wealth accumulation. They were fed and looked after equally by Mother nature.

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In various civilisations

In Babylon, Libra was known as Mul Zibanu meaning the scales or the claws of the Scorpion. Their Sun God, Shamash, held the balance of justice and was know for law and fairness.

When the Sun entered this zodiac sign, the days and nights were of equal duration and hence the Arabic suggested the scale for its symbol.

It is said that the Egyptians used to weigh the souls of the dead using a scale. The heart of the dead person was weighed against the feather of Ma’at, the Goddess of justice and truth. They related this Goddess with the zodiac sign of Libra.

In Greek mythology, it is said that the stars of Libra came to represent the Golden Chariot of Pluto pulled by four black horses. It is said that Pluto abducted Persephone, the daughter of Zeus and Demeter. The distraught Zeus cursed that the earth would not bear fruit. Hence starting this season of Libra, winter sets in and vegetation ceases much activity.

In Roman mythology, This sign is considered to depict the scales held by Astraea, the Goddess of Justice. Libra is found mentioned by Manetho and Geminus and was included by Ptolemy as well.

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The Librans, who can change their soul mates quickly, tend to live and breathe in a heady atmosphere dominated by themes of love. Libra are always into looking for a soul mate and gets easily convinced that they have found the right one. But they crumble into despair and lament their lost love soon when they start witnessing cracks in the relationships.

They believe in sharing their love only when it is given by the other partner for they consider equality and balance as vital. They look forward for certain qualities in their partners like loving,romantic,caring and intellectually supportive.Ofcourse all these can be equally shared by the Librans also when their relationship seems to be smooth. Librans are sexually attractive and rarely short of prospective partners. They can show extremities by being affectionate, glamourous and romantic and at the same time petulant, cool and impersonal when thwarted. As how easily the Librans can become comfortable with relationship so as they can also abandon them.



(September 23 - October 22)
  Symbol : The Scales
  Ruling planet : Venus
  Element : Air
  Ruling House : 7th House
  Body parts : Lower Back, Kidneys, Buttocks
  Ideal Jobs : Administrator, Lowyer
  Gem Stones : Opal  
  Trees : Ash
  Herbs : Mint, Cayenne
  Flower : Rose, Daisy
  Lucky day : Friday
  Colour : Blue, Pink, Pale Green
  Number : 9 and 6
  Nature : Positive
  Quality : Cardinal
  Trait : Charm, Balance
  Keywords : Harmonious, Sympathetic, Balances
  Keyphrase : I Balance!!
  Metal : Copper
  Countries : Australia, Japan, Burma, Tibet
  Energy : Yang
  Principle : Cooperation
  Cities : Copenhagen, Vienna, Johannesburg