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Famous Libra Birthdays

This is a list of libra born in this world. If you know any famous personalities or celebrities to be included in this list use this form to send details. Contact us

Name Profession Date of Birth
Alan Herbert English writer 9/24/1890
Alexandre Cabanel Artist 09/28/1823
Bob Boyd USA baseball player 10/01/1919
T. Llew Jones Welsh author 10/11/1914
A. J. Liebling US writer 10/18/1904
A.K. Gopalan Indian communist leader 10/01/1904
Agard Wallace US Vice President 10/7/1888
Aimee Semple McPherson Religious Leader 10/09/1890
Al Capp US cartoonist 9/28/1909
Alain-Fournier French author 10/03/1886
Alastair Sim Actor 10/9/1900
Alfred Nobel Swedish chemist 10/21/1833
Alice Childress US writer 10/12/1920
Alicia Silverstone American Actress 10/04/1976
Allan Brown Scottish football player 10/12/1926
Allen Hoey Poet 10/21/1952
Alphonse Lamartine French writer 10/21/1790
Amitabh Bachchan Actor, producer 10/11/1942
Amy Jo Johnson American Actress 10/06/1970
Andrew Dice Clay Comedian, Actor 09/29/1957
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