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Leisure pursuits of Libra

Libran's are very easy going in their leisure time and the most preferred activity during such time is just lazing in a couch or bed and reading books. They also prefer to watch television but not any violent or vulgar programs, but instead comedy or romantic program. They also like to have clean house or an environment, thus spending most of their free time by tidying up the house and rearranging things into sophisticated manner. But however when it comes to a difficult task they can only order someone else to do.

They are quite strong and can like to participate in games like badminton, ice skating, tennis etc.The Librans have strong affinity for music and its related instruments. They also like to take part in choirs and dance shows. Librans are interested in operas, ballet, pop music and classics. They are quite interested in fine arts especially panting. When they are free they would like to be in the company of friends and socializing. The Libran is especially shows a great interest in fashion shows.


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