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Who puts you off with promise gay,
and keeps you waiting for half the day?

Who compromises all the way?
It is the Libra!!!

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The Librans, who can change their soul mates quickly, tend to live and breathe in a heady atmosphere dominated by themes of love. Libra are always into looking for a soul mate and gets easily convinced that they have found the right one. But they crumble into despair and lament their lost love soon when they start witnessing cracks in the relationships.

They believe in sharing their love only when it is given by the other partner for they consider equality and balance as vital. They look forward for certain qualities in their partners like loving,romantic,caring and intellectually supportive.Ofcourse all these can be equally shared by the Librans also when their relationship seems to be smooth. Librans are sexually attractive and rarely short of prospective partners. They can show extremities by being affectionate, glamourous and romantic and at the same time petulant, cool and impersonal when thwarted. As how easily the Librans can become comfortable with relationship so as they can also abandon them.
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Libra at work & Occupation

Libra at Job & Work
What do they do at Workplace? Which career will suit you as per astrology and horoscope. Which job is favourable.
  Judge Judge   Fashion Designer Fashion Designer
Libra at work

Libra at Leisure

Libra at Leisure
Do you like to relax?
Are you adventourous?
How do you get exhausted?
Are you calm?
Libra at leisure

Libra Beauty & Fashion

Fashion & Style
Style and fashion horoscope. Librans are beauty conscious.

Libra Fashion

Libra & Finance

Finance Horoscope
Finance astrology a much sought after tool to decideupon before investing, trading or taking major financial decisions.
Libra & Finance

Medical Ailments and Yoga

Medical Astrology
Medical astrology is called as Iatromathematics, an ancient medical system associating parts of the body to, diseases under influence of planets.The signs of the zodiac maped with the parts of the body.
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Numerology predictions and forecast based upon your date of birth.

Enter your Date of Birth
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Do you know how Libra say Sorry?

Libra apology
Apology can be said as an expression of regret, it can be by words, deeds or body language also.
Apology & Libra

Myths surrounding Libra

Myths sorrounding Libra
Myths - The untold truth or false story. The main character
in a myth can also be a zodiac sign. The myth is also a sacred narration for transformation of the present world.
Libra & Myths
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